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*NOTICE: You should enable extension first.


EDM is a simple yet powerful, flexible and elegant download manager, allows you to download files to your device directly from Safari, Chrome or other browsers and even some apps via exclusive extension, which gives you desktop experience on downloading file. Downloading progress will continue in the background, when even when you lock your device.

EDM has an easy to use file manager which can handle many type of files , play and preview documents, musics and videos or decompress zip and rar files.


▸▸ General
√ First and unique app with safari extension to download
√ Only download manager not rated as +17
√ 7 different color themes, including night mode
√ Fluent and standard user interface (UI)

▸▸ Download Manager
√ Downloading files seamlessly in Background
√ Arbitrary pause download and resume on your decision
√ Download progress bar and speed indicator.
√ Queueing Downloads
√ Scheduling start time for download task
√ Multi-parted, Accelerated Downloading
√ Download speed history chart
√ Viewing download details such as speed, progress and server support for resuming
√ Notification after downloading completion
√ User agent spoofing
√ Authentication support for downloads
√ Allowing or prohibition of use cellular connection to save data plan

▸▸ Browsers(includes Safari) Extension
√ The Only App in Appstore with Extension support for download
√ Supports Safari, Google Chrome, Opera Mini, Dolphin, Twitter and etc.
√ Downloads the viewing page itself or hyperlinks in webpage you are browsing
√ Lists frequent file types for downloading separately
√ No interruption in your browsing experience on Safari
√ Option to start download immediately or postpone it

▸▸ File Manager
√ Folders support
√ File operations: Creating folder, Rename, Copy, Move, Delete, …
√ Searching files within folder
√ Create note for file
√ Viewing all iOS supported documents (doc, xls, ppt, pdf, pages, …)
√ Playback of iOS supported media files (avi, mpeg, mp3, mpeg4 H.264, aac, …)
√ Picture-in-Picture while playing videos
√ Compression files to zip archive
√ Extracting zip, rar, 7z(lzma), tar and gz archives
√ Extracting password protected zip
√ Import files from other apps.
√ Opening files in another app.
√ Information of Files, Folders and Disk
√ Thumbnail of images, videos, Office/iWork and pdf files
√ Importing from and Save to Cloud (iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox, …)
√ Sharing files via AirDrop, Mail, iMessage and iTunes
√ Transfering files to and from computer in Wi-Fi network using Browser or WebDAV
√ Touch ID lock for files
√ (iOS 9+) Spotlight integration


Frequently asked question on: (

For any query, bug or suggestions, please contact us on or twitter: @ext_downloader


Special Thanks to Yazdan Khazeni for beta testing.
This app used some icons provided by

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (28.06.16 - 03:14)
Good apps
Allgemein (22.03.15 - 18:41)
Вылетает на ios 8.3 beta 3
(22.03.15 - 20:03)
На 7 оси тоже вылетает
(22.03.15 - 22:55)
На 8.1.3 працює без нарікань, iPhone 4s 64Gb
(30.03.15 - 23:08)
+1 (версия iOS 7.1.2) вылетает
Allgemein (20.03.15 - 16:29)
на вид и характеристики - незаменимое приложение.
Загрузчиков в App Store много, а вот с такими (описанными) возможностями я не встречал.
Забрал. Буду тестировать.
Allgemein (20.03.15 - 05:19)
То что надо. Автор гений.
Allgemein (20.01.15 - 01:29)
In their description they write this app is the only iOS 8 Extention for download which isn't true.. DOWNIE was there before this app!

However.. I have only very briefly tested ExtDownloader but of what I so far has seen it's very pleasant! I will test it further and compare it to Downie (as they both support the iOS 8 Extension) and come back in the coming weeks.

Are there other DL apps you would like me to test and compare with? Then give me a msg and tell me!

Tested on iPhone 5S, iOS 8.1.1
Allgemein (19.01.15 - 12:03)
Free in UK store
Allgemein (18.01.15 - 19:28)
Not free
Marvin Waalboer
(19.01.15 - 01:45)
It's free now
(19.01.15 - 04:41)
It always/sometimes depends when you check Store or which store you visit.
So if it's not free, visit again after a few hours or visit other country's store.
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für iPhone + für iPad


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various bug fixes including one which causes crash

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Ali Tourchi
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Version: 6.1
Größe: 33 MB
FSK: 4+
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