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Unlock your Mac with just your fingerprint, passcode, or watch – without even unlocking your iOS device.
Requires a Mac with Bluetooth LE (Low Energy) running macOS Yosemite or newer, and an iOS device with Bluetooth LE running iOS 8 or newer.
Please make sure your devices support Bluetooth LE before purchasing MacID for iOS.

• Works with multiple Macs, iOS devices and Apple Watches at once.
• Unlock your Mac using Touch ID, Passcode, Apple Watch or Pebble.
• Apple Watch Complication & background refresh for super quick access.
• Interactive notifications – you don't even have to unlock your iOS device.
• Control your Mac's audio – works with iTunes & Spotify!
• Manually lock your Mac or start the screensaver remotely.
• Auto-lock when your iOS device moves away from your Mac.
• Proximity Wake & automatic unlocking when returning to your Mac.
• 3D Touch shortcuts.
• Notification Center widget – unlock your Mac from anywhere on your iOS device.
• Share clipboard text to and from your Mac.
• Choose from beautiful colour schemes.
• Use MacID to authorise tasks that require your macOS admin password. (Admin accounts only)
• MacID for macOS never connects to the Internet without your consent.
• Your macOS password is never broadcast and never leaves your Mac.
• Incredibly simple to use but packed full of features and options.
• Automatically throttles connections during Low Power Mode to save even more battery.

You don't even need to open the app to unlock your Mac. MacID intelligently notifies you when one of your connected Macs is woken up, which you can action directly from your iOS lock screen using either your fingerprint or passcode.

MacID can notify you when tasks require your macOS admin password, like moving protected files to Trash or changing a setting in System Preferences. (Admin accounts only)

You can also play, pause and skip iTunes & Spotify on your Mac remotely, as well as change the volume. Simply long-press on the audio controls to toggle between track and volume controls. Audio controls work anywhere the physical keys would on your Mac.

Press hard on the app icon to quickly access settings or to lock and unlock your Mac.

Create Home Screen shortcuts and URL schemes to lock and unlock your Mac from other apps.

Ever needed to quickly share a phone number or piece of text between your Mac and iOS device? Clipboard sharing is built right into MacID – share any piece of text quickly and reliably. And now you can do it right from the Notification Center.

Enable auto-lock in MacID for macOS and your Mac will automatically lock when your iOS device moves away from it. You can even get notified when your Mac locks itself.

Enable Proximity Wake in MacID for macOS and your Mac will wake its display when your iOS device gets near. Simply authorise from the interactive notification MacID sends you to unlock your Mac, or enable automatic unlocking to have MacID do it for you.

MacID includes a handy Notification Center widget, which will show all your currently connected Macs and give you quick access to lock and unlock them from anywhere on your iOS device. You can even start a Mac's screensaver or share the clipboard.
Macs that support Bluetooth LE:

• MacBook Air 2011+
• MacBook Pro 2012+
• iMac 2012+
• Mac Mini 2011+
• Mac Pro 2013+

Check if your Mac supports Bluetooth Low Energy: click the Apple menu > About This Mac > System Report > Bluetooth.

MacID for iOS needs to be paired with the free MacID for macOS companion app, which you must download from:
Featured as EE's "App of the Week" in the UK
One of Time Magazine's "5 Apps Not To Miss" and "7 Best Apple Watch Apps"
Featured in 100s of articles across the globe!

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (17.01.18 - 01:35)
Check out new version called Unlox. If you already have MacID select the package and get Unlox for the difference between what you paid for MacID and the price of Unlox.
(17.01.18 - 20:40)
How to get the price difference? I have already purchased MacID, do I have to pay the listed price for the package?
In other words, the bundle costs 5$, I've already paid 5$ for MacID a year ago, will I have to pay the same amount and get reimbursement from Apple? How does it work?
(17.01.18 - 23:09)
Hi, from the website “Is Unlox going to be a free update?

At launch, Unlox will be a free or discounted update for people who have already paid for MacID 1 from the iOS App Store. If you bought MacID while it was cheaper, you'll have to pay the difference between what you paid and what MacID costs now.

To upgrade at the discounted price, you must purchase through this bundle on the iOS App Store. If you purchase Unlox outside of the bundle you will get charged full price.”

From that it seems when you buy the bundle it charges the difference between the price you paid for MacID and the Unlox price. If no difference it should be free. Good deal.

(17.01.18 - 23:19)
Thank you for the tip.
I purchased the bundle and was only charges 1$, instead of the full price of 5$.

Good deal. Wish all other developers would follow suit...

P. S. the only issue with the new version (Unlox) is that it requires "iOS 11.2 or newer" version. Such a shame I won't be able to use it on my iPad (10.5 inch Pro)., since I froze the update function and still using the iOS 10.3.3...
(17.01.18 - 23:30)
I always preferred MacID to Apples watch unlock. I hope this app develops well. Now we have unlock via passcode, Touch ID, watch and face.
(18.01.18 - 01:18)
True I got MacID for free from Apple on one of those holiday gifts, but for me it's working just fine as is, $2.99 for the upgrade, not yet.
Allgemein (10.05.17 - 23:26)
MacID on sale today. Great app.
Allgemein (08.02.17 - 22:52)
Is there any advantage to this app compared to Apple functionality?
(10.06.17 - 13:29)
The main differences I know:

- works with any iOS device irregardless of version (even on iPod touch and iPad) ;

- use of gesture on trackpad to unlock your MacOS device ;

- clipboard sharing capability between iOS and MacOS device independent of apple's Handoff feature.

Allgemein (05.07.16 - 00:57)
Tap To Unlock is the most useful function
Allgemein (29.11.15 - 02:03)
Бонусы: авторизация жестами трекпада и синхронизация буфера обмена.
Allgemein (28.11.15 - 16:28)
Сделали бесплатно, а скачать нельзя было. Классная акция
Vlad Airsyn
(29.11.15 - 01:13)
после этого сделали еще раз бесплатно на короткое время, и скачать уже можно было)
(26.12.15 - 17:46)
Я успел. Прога качественная.
Но все равно быстрее пароль напечатать получается чем айфон доставать и палец приставлять.
Allgemein (17.06.15 - 12:24)
Good Work
Allgemein (19.05.15 - 11:51)
Great! Trackpad authorization is very cute. Every feature works fine. Appreciate the price reduction. Leave the price there, don't rase it again.
Allgemein (13.05.15 - 20:48)
Utile e veloce! consente ingresso e blocco Mac in maniera veloce anche dal trackpad
Allgemein (17.03.15 - 22:10)
Trackpad-feature is way better than the authorization via finger print :)
(24.05.15 - 23:39)
Can you explain what do you mean by "trackpad authorization"?
(03.06.15 - 09:34)
U can set a specific sequence of tapping with your fingers to unlock the Mac. I.e. 1 - 3 -1 fingers
Allgemein (16.03.15 - 23:33)
MacID for MacOS needs 10.10.
My MacBook can only be updated to 10.6. - thanks to Apple ��
Apple says, Windows 8.1 won't run on a just as old Intel-PC; they're wrong! My very old Dell M2010 (2006-model) works fine with W8.1 !!!
iPaul 6s
(16.03.15 - 23:44)
But your old Mac has no BT 4.0 LE
So you can't use MacID
Henry Law
(17.03.15 - 04:05)
yea yea yea , everything are apples fault. I think they should support and extend apple care for 100 years and they should replace a new Mac for your every years

jeez, low life like you are pathetic
Henry Law
(17.03.15 - 04:06)
@iPaul 5S:
lol lowlife like that just don't think before they whine because all they want is how to benefit out of it
(17.03.15 - 22:08)
get a new one or shut up
(24.05.15 - 23:37)
What is your MacBook's model year?
Allgemein (16.03.15 - 11:50)
Andrea De Pasquale
Allgemein (16.03.15 - 07:37)
Free today!!
Allgemein (16.03.15 - 00:25)
Fantástico !!
Allgemein (01.02.15 - 16:31)
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

HELLO! Long time no speak. How are you? I hope you've been well. I must apologise for my prolonged absence; the last half of 2016 absolutely ran away from me but I've caught up and I'M BACK! :D

So what's new in MacID v.1.3.6?

- Are you running iOS 10.3 or newer? Then you can take advantage of new APIs in iOS that allow us to change the app icon on your home screen. That's right! When you change your colour scheme in MacID for iOS, you can have the icon change too!

- The MacID widget has had a beautiful redesign to make use of the expand/collapse functionality in iOS 10. The "show more" button will now only show if there's more than 1 device connected. And like before, you can choose to hide the widget if no devices are connected. I'm afraid there's no decent way for widgets to speak to the main app still, so for now the widget will still have to open the main app.

- The MacID widget and MacID for watchOS now show the current charge levels for MacBooks. MacID for macOS hooks into times that it already communicates with MacID for iOS, so there is no extra power used for this. The compromise is that the battery charge will not be continually up to date, so use it more of an advisory!

Don't forget to update MacID for macOS! Here's what's new there:

- MacID for macOS now remembers between launches if you asked a Mac to disconnect. Handy for those (often) times that Bluetooth needs resetting.

- Tap to Unlock tap pattern no longer gets forgotten if you have to forget and re-add your primary device. You still need to have a device paired to actually use Tap to Unlock, though.

- You can now stop MacID from disabling auto-lock when apps keep your screen awake. Use this with caution because auto-lock may trigger while you're watching a movie!

- Ensures that MacID AppleScript extensions get run in alphabetical order. To find out more about MacID for macOS AppleScript extensions, search for "extension" on the MacID blog.

As always, if you have a moment spare, please update your rating and review in the App Store. Every time a developer updates an app, the rating gets removed from search results. Independent developers like myself rely on these ratings, so if you have the time it is seriously appreciated. Thanks!

If you're experiencing regular time-outs with Bluetooth connections since updating to Sierra, you're not alone. With some persistence and restarting, most of these issues can be resolved eventually! Check out the MacID help page for more information.

Lots of <3,


Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Kane Cheshire
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Dienstprogramme
Version: 1.3.6
Größe: 5 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Kane Cheshire


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