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  • Night Photo and Video Shoot

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Optimized for iPhone 4S, 5 ,5S, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 6S, 6S Plus,
iPhone SE ,iPhone 7. 7+

Bright, Fast, Simple a good subject to start! While your photo flesh is unable to light the exotic beauty of nature, or moon and stars high in the skies, or beautiful sea waves, or flowers at night: Night Mode Camera is ready to do that at the lowest luminosity without any additional appliances. With low light support during the photo/video recording you can dynamically change camera sensitivity to achieve the best result as well as set any 1-8x zoom simultaneous to the recording due to the professional development. The app not only allows you to keep and organize your own library but as well to share them on Facebook, DropBox and Twitter.

Optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus.

•Аmplifier picker

•Color saturation picker

•Green amplification mode

•Fast exposure

•Front, rear camera

•Led light

•HD photo video mode

•Focus refresh button

•8x zoom

•Built In library

•Photo video slider

•E-mail photo video share 

•Facebook photo video share

•Twitter photo video share

•Dropbox photo video share

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (20.05.17 - 10:32)
Dislike for any app says its free and contains ads or in app purchases ��
Like for any app really free ��
(20.05.17 - 11:14)
It is not easy to differentiate it! Some IAPs are legitimate!
If an app is free, but requires IAP money for removal of ads, then a dislike would be justified.
In my opinion, everyone should write a comment if he gives a dislike.
(20.05.17 - 17:17)
I think that developers have every right to give out "free samples" of their games and put an IAP inside so if you like it, you can buy it. I mean, honestly, a lot of blood sweat and tears goes into these games, and why shouldn't they make money?
BUT. What I HATE is when they keep the word PRO but it is lite. That is a deceptive practice. Some developers make a separate app that is lite for people to try, others just use IAPs.
(22.05.17 - 04:05)
A "like" for the people that actualky research before they download something because most (not all) apps say there are IAP's in the descriptions and even if they don't, so what, just erase it, it was free.
Oh well, at least I know who one of "those" people in the appstore's review section, is now :)
(22.05.17 - 04:07)
I agree if you dislike something you should say why, same goes for when one actually likes something, it helps others weight their decisions.
(22.05.17 - 04:14)
I personally like the separation of apps. I like a lite app as a preview and a separate pro version if one wants the the full version. It seems like less of a hassle.
No one should have Pro written on the lite version of anything. People should research first BUT when one sees the word "pro" you naturally expect it to be pro, so it is deceptive whether on purpose or not.
Дима Куркин
Allgemein (16.01.17 - 02:49)
Ну хорошо, платное, но было бы за что платить! Качество фото - просто полный вперёд. Всё очень шумное. CortexCam - вот что нужно!
Al-amin Khan Akib
Allgemein (15.01.17 - 15:00)
It's not free. just us for app in perchase
Allgemein (06.09.16 - 13:07)
Is it free??????
(06.09.16 - 13:27)
Nö, 3,99€ :(
h babby
(15.01.17 - 12:59)
today free
Allgemein (05.09.16 - 22:04)
Cortex Cam <- Best App for Night Photography ������
(05.09.16 - 22:16)
Try ProCamera with LowLight+ function
Professor Snape
Allgemein (05.09.16 - 21:31)
Allgemein (05.09.16 - 20:06)
bull shit. stupid app
Allgemein (05.09.16 - 18:51)
Wieder gratis!
Again for free!
Allgemein (17.08.16 - 08:08)
Pas gratuit ! Vous devez payer pour avoir un rendu théorique semblable aux images d'illustrations ( heu qui sont un peu mensongères hein d'ailleurs ^^ )
Donc 2.99€ pour cet achat InApp
C'est de la tromperie !
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (17.08.16 - 07:36)
iOS cam tested and compared to this app in a dark room showed a better image.
Allgemein (16.08.16 - 01:34)
Херня! 3 режима, типа самый ночной платный 3 бакса. Удалил.
Allgemein (15.08.16 - 11:20)
Beautiful App!!
Allgemein (14.07.16 - 06:27)
Night photo and video shoot: So disappointed. Not usable at all. BTW, this is almost identical to another app called "Night mode camera". There are three modes: Normal, High, and Max. None of them have automatic exposure control. Everything is manual. The Normal mode is pitch dark. The High mode is very grainy. And the Max is in-app-purchase, and blurry and more grainy. You'll be much better off with default camera. Deleted.
Allgemein (31.05.16 - 16:16)
This is ��. Nightcap pro is the only decent night time camera app.
(17.08.16 - 15:08)
NightCap yes ��✌��️ ...I have, good app' �� ^^
Allgemein (20.02.16 - 19:03)
Hält nicht, was es verspricht.

Allgemein (12.02.16 - 09:31)
Good app
Allgemein (11.02.16 - 16:05)
Ужас, а не приложение! Хуже дерьма ещё поискать нужно.
Только портретный режим, жутко тормозит если переключаешься на любой режим кроме стандартного.
И ещё, это УГ не бесплатно, внутри от Вас ждут 2,99$..
(11.02.16 - 20:38)
Дурак что ль? Сразу видно никогда не имел дела с настоящими фотокамерами. Это "не лагает", это выдержка минимальная (1, 1/2s.итд ) ставится программой-отсюда и лаг. Чем Длиннее выдержка-тем больше света попадает в объектив. ЛЮБАЯ ПРОГРАММА работает точно так же. Тот же PROCAM3, или SHOOT в ночном режиме. Делать фото нужно строго со штатива. Проф.фотоаппараты работают так же-больше выдержка-больше света-яснее картинка ночью. Сначала нужно узнать элементарные азы фотодела и как оно всё работает-а затем обсирать программу.
Да, программа так себе-лучше тот же MANUAL или SHOOT без inapp. Часто бывает бесплатным кстати.

Allgemein (17.01.15 - 18:17)
Dislikes, why?
(18.01.15 - 15:33)
Haben wohl etliche ähnliche Apps wie diese in ihrem Sortiment
(11.02.16 - 12:06)
Vielleicht die Konkurrenz, denn Apps dieser Art hat's ja mehr als genug,
wobei ich die Funktion in ProCamera welche seit einigen Tagen ,leider als überteuerten inAppKauf für 2,99(!) in
ProCamera angeboten wird. Echt gelungen, aber 0,99€ hätte für den inApp-Kauf auch gereicht.
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren

2,29 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Tigran Mkhitaryan
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 2.5
Größe: 10 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: noch keine Bewertung
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Tigran Mkhitaryan


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