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  • Diode-108 Drum Machine

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Diode-108 is the only iPad drum machine on the market with direct control over every effect—HIT BY HIT. The new leader in drum machines is here, with 16 voices (not 9), drag-and-drop per beat effects, note mode to change pitch, and the ability to make and share kits. Revolutionize your groove-making and create sounds you’ve never heard before.

“The ability to control effects hit by hit is probably the most overdue feature that I had not realized I wanted and now would not be without.“ -Bobbo924

Don’t control just one or two effects—control pan, volume, tone, pitch, decay, compression, and distortion, delay, and reverb on every beat—not just per track.

Diode-108 is packed with a variety of built-in vintage, classic, and acoustic kits, but you can easily mix and match samples to make your own custom kits. Or import wav files for even more variety. Once you’ve built your groove, DIODE-108’s drag-and-drop effects make it fun and easy to create completely new beats.

“…Silly money for this kind of fully featured product. Just get it now before they realise you'd pay five times more.” -Music Radar

“Highly recommended. Fun to use and with enough creative options to keep things interesting. The sounds are great, but what’s really impressive is the simplicity of the design and the logic of the workflow." -Music App Blog

"A fantastic new Drum Machine for iPad with a stack of effects to choose from and many excellent features. Has a really easy to use interface that makes creating whole songs from your patterns very simple, straight forward and intuitive." -thesoundtestroom


* Drag and drop effects let you put effects on individual beats!

* Drum kits licensed from partners Dubsounds, Samples From Mars, Orange Tree Samples, and 99Sounds.

* 16 drum voices with unlimited patterns that you can arrange into your own songs

* Each pattern can have its own swing

* Turn NOTE MODE on for any voice and control the musical note (up or down an octave from the original pitch). Great for basslines or pitched percussion

* Wav sample import

* Mix and Match kits (easily substitute any sample in any kit). Want an 808 kick in a 909 kit? No problem.

* Kit Load and Save. Share kits with your friends!

* See the Diode-108 in action in this video review and demo:

* Dropbox, AudioShare, AudioCopy, IAA, & Audiobus support

* MIDI sync
 (in an out)
* MIDI Note In

 and Out
* Microphone sampling
* Song In/Out markers. Work on any section!
* Choke Groups


Build your beat on a 16x16 pattern grid. 16 voices is almost twice the number of voices of some of our competitors, and it means that you can have an 808 kit with all the instruments you’re looking for (not just some of them). Set tempo and swing. Several time signatures are supported (and each pattern can have its own).


Tap your beat on our 4-by-4 array of drum pads. Record into the active pattern, or just play along.


Unprecedented control over your drum kit. Dial in the settings you want, mix and match samples from different kits, and save out your modified custom kits for use in any song. How much control do you have? An amazing 7 dials for each of the 16 drum voices!


Diode-108’s crown jewel is its drag-and-drop beat FX. Want a reverse cowbell? Want a bitcrushed tom? Want a cymbal that performs a pitch dive across several beats? Just drag and drop the effect tokens onto beats, and drag them left and right to cover any beats you like. Turn a long-lasting cymbal into a rhythmic backbone.

SoundCloud examples:
YouTube tutorials:


Build up a collection of named patterns from scratch, or import selected patterns from existing songs. Then drag and drop the patterns to build up a song.

Export your songs as wav files via a variety of options.

OS >= 7.1


Alex Amplify
Allgemein (22.07.16 - 06:16)
Eine der besten drummaschines im appstore!
La Vovka
Allgemein (28.06.16 - 11:06)
Крутая драмина!!!
Allgemein (03.04.16 - 01:29)
Allgemein (14.04.15 - 10:48)
Bug fixed. Works like a charm
Allgemein (13.04.15 - 23:51)
It's a good vintage drum sequencer much better than Funk Box.
Lots of drum kits and lots of features.
Simple and powerful if you like this kind of vintage drum machines.
If you have ios 7 wait for the next version - have a bug.
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This version adds MIDI sync out and MIDI note out to Diode-108's already existing MIDI in capabilities.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Musik
Version: 1.4.0
Größe: 72 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 5
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Mehr von: Vibrant Digital Engineering, Inc.


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