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Magic Launcher is the only Today Widget App Launcher you will ever need, with the ability to launch more than 100,000 apps and actions from the Today Widget in the Notification Center it makes using your iPhone or iPad even easier! Launch calls, texts and more with your friends in one swipe and tap with our Magic Contact launchers.

Features Include:
- Unlimited capabilities for launching apps and actions with more than 100,000 apps including all top apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all in your Notification Center
- Dynamic Launcher makes your smartphone smarter: Dynamic Launcher is an intelligent launcher that gives you the right apps at the right moments throughout your day.
- Design your own Launcher layout including modifications for icon size, text and shape
- Magic Contact allows instant contact via Call, Messages (SMS), FaceTime, FaceTime Audio, Mail and Telegram!
- A huge set of Magic Launchers including Google Search, Wiki Search, Weather, Clock, Clipboard search, Clipboard clear, automatic Tweet/Facebook post latest photo, Battery monitor and much more!
- Widget Scheduling allows you to automatically show & hide widgets depending on time or location
- Have multiple Launchers for various functions
- Universal app works on iPhone and iPad with support for iOS 8, iOS 9 & 3D-Touch
- iCloud Backup and Restore
- Multiple language support
- Request additional apps via our request form
- And so much more...

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Thank you for using Magic Launcher!

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (19.07.17 - 02:25)
Was soll das bitteschön? Die Pro-Version entfernt u. nun hier die Pro-Features als "NOCHMALIGEN" Inapp-Kauf oder wie?! Sauber! ��
Allgemein (07.07.17 - 14:45)
@Markme50: @Apptime:
Apple removed both apps last week, because they don't allow certain quick settings. It could come back, just like this version.
(07.07.17 - 15:19)
i see it is back in my Purchased tab and according to the changelogs it is the version before they removed the quick settings. So in this case it is actually good for those who want to keep using those settings.
(07.07.17 - 17:51)
Thanks for the update.

It is for good reason I purchased a new 4 Terabyte NAS from Qnap. I plan to backup ALL PURCHASED apps from AppStore, including a couple interesting free ones.
I'm preparing for the "64-bit Armageddon " starting with iOS 11 release this fall...

(07.07.17 - 18:38)
I have still have an older 32 bit iPad for those older apps. ��

The current trend of devs transforming their apps into a subscription based business model disturbs me more. ��
(07.07.17 - 18:44)
This "subscription" trend was orchestrated by Apple to be embraced and followed by developers. The devs have no other choice here.

But the most sad part, it is being supported by users, who keep paying for and sponsoring this trend...

(07.07.17 - 18:55)
The main question that keeps worrying me is what will happen to all of those 32-bit apps, once the iOS 11 is rolled out soon?
If they get deleted from AppStore, given that this action is irreversible, how is this fair for those of us, who paid for their apps?

There's gotta be some compensation or at least a mechanism to keep our Purchased apps. I don't want to pay twice for the same thing again. I'm sure I'm not the only who is worried by this.

Maybe it's time to launch a campaign or petition against the apps' removal?
I'm sure majority of Appzapp community will support us!
(07.07.17 - 19:20)
Of course devs have a choice to stick to a paid model. Apple gave them an option, they did not force anyone to change their business model.
Allgemein (07.07.17 - 08:45)
I just realized they removed the pro version of this app from the AppStore, very cheap move so you would buy the in app purchases here
(07.07.17 - 10:18)
Sadly yes, that means the "Pro" version won't see any future update.

(07.07.17 - 14:45)
@Markme50: @Apptime:
Apple removed both apps, because they don't allow quick settings. It could come back, just like this version.
(07.07.17 - 17:46)
Hmm, the Pro version is available to download on my Purchases list, though..
(09.07.17 - 05:05)
Well that means the developer didn't removed it completely which is a good thing, but I didn't know it was Apple fault because im so used to being screwed by greediness of app and game developers that i forgot how apple is a shit company to customers too, anyway thanks for the information.
Allgemein (06.10.16 - 09:34)
Запустила программу на iPad mini 3, планшет самовольно перезагрузился, чего ранее за ним не наблюдалось.
Перезагрузился и нагрелся. Спасибо, конечно, но мне не нравятся такие "побочки" данной проги. Удалено
Allgemein (06.10.16 - 08:26)
pro version of this launcher app free now!
Allgemein (20.05.16 - 10:29)
Остался на Launcher pro app
Но это приложение твёрдое второе место. Хотя честно говоря, именно для активного образа жизни оно не удобно. Опять россыпь иконок и ты на скейтике или ещё в каком движении 5 сек смотри на экран? Чисто эргономика не о чем. Просто другой способ вываливания иконок нежели стандартная iOS. Ну ок, но кто проводил исследования где быстрее найти программу? Стандартными средствами или вот подобным launcher app? В общем для iPhone оставил launcher pro app а вот в iPad он что то глючит и жду обновления. Но у него хоть скорость большая. Тап тап по экрану и программа запустилась. Есть ещё одна launcher app где ракета на иконке. Тоже ничего кстати но хуже этой.
Allgemein (28.04.16 - 16:16)
Go Launcher — лучший. Без IAP, без ограничения количества иконок. Поддерживает большое количество приложений. И весит всего 6 MB.
(20.06.16 - 09:59)
Hat aber iAP
(20.06.16 - 10:16)
Вы сейчас проверяли? Когда я устанавливал GO LAUNCHER, никаких IAP не было. И в App Store сейчас IAP не указаны.
Allgemein (28.04.16 - 13:38)
I like early version of this app where overall app size just about 20MB. But now with latest update, it use more than 150MB!

More than my favourite app TWITTERIFIC and PODBEAN and also APPZAPP

Thats insane! I uninstall and I really regret purchase for premium version.
(28.04.16 - 15:16)
The app is 63.MBs mine even fully loaded is 90.MBs.
Allgemein (29.04.15 - 04:44)
Okay why the dislikes and no comments, if it's because it copies another app, please say so. I know it's very close to the original app by Comulant Labs, but at least say so for the folks that can't pay for the original app.

Plus the Comulant one only allows so many icons, even after paying the fee I would like the ability to add more.
The four apps here give you basically unlimited icons unlike the Comulant one, but Comulant is fav.
(28.04.16 - 13:41)
Can you tell me the app name. Thanks. ��
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
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Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 5.0.3
Größe: 114 MB
FSK: 4+
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