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Download and browse files and documents on your iPhone, iPod or iPad like on your computer.
No limits on storage or downloads!

√ Full-featured Download Manager
Auto-correct file name, fast speed, safe pause and resume downloads. Background modes support.

√ Web-browser like Safari with bookmarks
Tap and hold to start download, or simply click the link. Private browsing by default. Multiple tabs. Custom search engine and user-agent. Favourites grid.

√ File Manager
Edit files, organize files in folders. Extract zip archives. Work with doc xls pdf ppt txt html rtf and 100+ formats.

√ iCloud, Camera Roll and iTunes file sharing support.
√ Open In files in other apps!

** WARNING: This app does not include any audio or video download feature or any related functionality. The downloadable content must be NON-audiovisual which includes pdfs, docs, xlsxs etc.

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (07.01.18 - 21:11)
Allgemein (02.01.18 - 00:00)
Garbage with ads.
appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
Allgemein (08.12.17 - 14:04)
No more downloading of YouTube if you update this (not sure about other sites)
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(08.12.17 - 15:07)
Thanks for the info !
Are there presently any other Apps that can be used for YouTube dl ?
(08.12.17 - 20:27)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
iCabMobile works well with very few problems, only downside is that it does not retain file names from youtube so you have to rename them once they are downloaded.

TurboDLPro also works fairly good, not perfect. I have had it freeze sometimes and other times will refuse to download but generally if you power off your device and power back on it will work. I have had the odd video that will simply refuse to download no matter what I tried.

This app does retain file names from youtube but also costs a lot more than iCabMobile
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(08.12.17 - 21:27)
Massively appreciate your help !
By any chance, do you know if either can save to camera roll on iPad ?
(09.12.17 - 21:07)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
iCabMobile save options, you can of course save or import videos through iTunes file sharing. There is no direct save to cameraroll however you can send the video to another app. I have Pinnacle which can edit videos and I can send the video to it without any issues, or I can send it to DropBox and then in dropbox send it to cameraroll so a little convoluted but possible to get it moved. iCab will also save the file to icloud which then should let you open in cameraroll.

TurbroDLPro can save direct to cameraroll or again iTunes to export to computer or send it to other apps like DropBox or Pinnacle etc. TurboDL will strangely import a video from Cameraroll as well as save to it. Not sure why you would import to this app as it has no editing etc and basic player is just that in this app, pretty basic.

Both apps will send to another app that I use a lot, PlayXtreme. I like it for playing videos and like how it works, I watch some foreign tv shows that have subtitles and it works good for that as well as very good file management tools for organizing into folders. It plays pretty much any format of video.
(09.12.17 - 21:40)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
Strangely I can’t see TurboDL Pro in iTunes Store. I don’t know why, maybe apple pulled it for some reason. iCab Mobile is currently still available for $1.99US which is a pretty good deal. Has never been any other price and has lots of updates. TurboDL Pro still works and had been updated often and I think when I got it $5.99US will see if I can find it somewhere.

TurboDL was made by Crea4life but links to or support don’t work for it. Where I am (Canada) it says the app is Not available and any download links on the web so far don’t work
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(09.12.17 - 22:03)
Very impressed with your expertise & most grateful you taking the time to help - many thanks !!!

I’ll also dl PlayerXtreme as you recommend it so highly

(09.12.17 - 22:33)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
If you look at comments here PlayerXtreme may not sound so good ��, I have the pro version with no In-apps or ads and so far have not had any issues and no ads or in-apps but when you buy a $4 app it shouldn’t.
(11.12.17 - 04:20)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
Another Downloader that also works is called Downloader Pro by Kundan Jadhav. Currently $2.99US but was on for free (when I got) Nov15-26. Only other price change was one for $0.99US.
It works fine with youtube also saves or shares to cameraroll. Everything in it goes to a single folder by default and therefore in iTunes copying to the desktop it only shows the file folder. Names come across but seem limited to around 60 char in length and truncated after that though there is also a series of char after that that is done I assume by the app.
So far it has been pretty good.

The one thing I forgot to mention with TurboDL Pro is that when you go to save it will let you now all the versions available, for example many videos in youtube as well as the standard 360pt mp4 versions have 480pt or even 720pt which obviously are larger files but you have that option. Other Downloader like iCab or this one don’t give you can’t option as for save resolution which is a shame. Still trying to figure out where TurboDL Pro went. I only got it at the end of Sept or into October.
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(12.12.17 - 09:27)
Amazing, thanks for info !
I downloaded Downloader Pro for free, a while back, then deleted. No idea why I deleted ???
Downloaded again on Sunday, it works perfectly !!!
So Sunday was a great day for me also because my football team Manchester City beat United !!!
appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
(01.01.18 - 06:59)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
I'm very sorry it took me so long to get back to you. But Izmini really did a fantastic job in terms of giving you great recommendations.

To really have an idea regarding what Apps download YouTube (& other sites) but definitely YT, please check out my App Collection. You can put "YouTube DL (not 'Cache')" (with the quotes) in the search bar (and click the button to search for collections; unfortunately I can't link it here), and it should be the 1st result. These apps (if still available in the App Store) will DL videos so you can either save them to your camera roll and/or open them in other apps.

Right now before it's removed from the App Store (and I just checked and it is there), I recommend getting BrowserPro (it's free, but it's a lite version - meaning that it has ads; if you want to remove ads it's 3.99 USD - definitely worth it IMHO). Of course before purchasing the IAP, you should make sure that you like it.

This app is VERY similar to one of the main apps Izmini was talking about, i.e. "TurboDLPro" (which has since been removed from the App Store). It has the same template (the same build), and corresponds to how Izmini has described it.

Here's the review (although I deleted/edited a few things that were not relevant) that I wrote a few months back for "TurboDLPro" (which again, totally corresponds to "BrowserPro" which is basically a carbon copy):

>>>>Hello all,

If you want an app that can DL from ANY site (YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Liveleak, etc.) - AND it retains the original video/file name - THIS is for you. You can also of course open these downloaded files inside of other apps (or save them, at least the videos, to the camera roll).

This app will also give you the option to convert downloaded videos to audio after the video is downloaded. In fact, just before you DL each video, there will be a pop up asking you if you want to DL the video as an audio. You can also choose the quality of video that you DL. And if you import a video from another app (including the photos app/camera roll) this app can convert it to an audio. However, the only audio file type that you can convert these videos to is the M4A format.

As far as security, and to keep peeping eyes out, you can choose from a 4 digit pass code or Touch ID. You can also clear out cookies and cache.

Like many other browser apps, you can choose different search engines: and this one gives you a wide variety of choices, which was pretty surprising, including DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, YouTube, SoundCloud and others.

You can also choose a different user agent, although there are only three choices: iPhone, iPad or Safari desktop.

It has a pop up blocker and also an option for private browsing.

Other things:

Cloud accounts: You can also connect to a Cloud account which might be useful if you have a lot of downloads (or uploads) you want to transfer (Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive are the only ones supported).

The media player: this is also very decent and definitely way better than most 3rd party browser apps and even stand alone YouTube apps. Although not customizable (you can't change the defaults), you can use various hand gestures. Similar to many podcast apps, you can also hit a 15 second button for fast forward or rewind. You can also create different playlists.

One big negative (at least for me) is that you can't "edit" your bookmarks or add folders. Even on the most basic 3rd party browser apps, all of this is possible. It would also be nice if this app had a "bookmarklet" option for Safari or a way that this app could be part of the open in or share sheet extension like many of the better browsers such as iCab, Dolphin, Chrome, etc.

Also, the only other thing missing from this app would be a Tag Editor (for downloaded songs) a function that AFAIK is somewhat rare especially in DL apps and amongst the apps that I've owned, only Amerigo Turbo (and its clone Total Downloader) had.

You do get several apps with this one app:
An all around media downloader that DLs from ALL sites, and this also includes gifs, jpgs in addition to audio & video files (have not tested other file types)
A very good/decent media player
A video to audio converter
A decent browser UI (although again, not the best options for bookmarks)

One last thing. With any of these types of apps - that obviously are NOT supposed to even be in the App Store in the 1st place - download this from iTunes and save an extra copy of the .ipa file to your PC/Mac just in case. END<<<<
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(01.01.18 - 07:25)
Absolutely no problem for late reply my friend !!!

Wow, you’ve really gone to town with the reply, awesome advice and very thorough, very much appreciate to taking the time to respond !

Our AppZapp community are simply amazing, shame the App is not being updated...

I will regularly check your collections in future...!

How does one save ipa file to Mac ?

(01.01.18 - 18:12)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
When you load an app on the desktop rather then the ios device it will automatically save the .ipa on your hard drive. From there you could if you wanted to retain older versions of apps. I have a directory on my computer for old IPA’s that have for some reason disappeared from the iTunes Store.
Most large files, ie over about 600mb in size I always download to the desktop then install from there onto the iPad.
With the latest changes to iTunes on the desktop there is no AppStore any more, have no idea why they did that. However you can go to Apple and there is an enterprise version that still has access to the AppStore and is iOS 11 compatible so that is what I use. The other thing I like is it will not auto update unless you tell it too.

Enterprise version can be fund here:
(02.01.18 - 00:42)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
BrowserPro remove ads is 50% off for the next few days. Still around $4US but better then regular price.
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(02.01.18 - 16:43)
As I’ve before, our AppZapp community is awesome - many thanks for advice !!!
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(02.01.18 - 16:44)
Will check it out - thanks again !
(02.01.18 - 22:58)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
BrowserPro discount it till Jan 10, or that is what it keeps telling me...
(02.01.18 - 23:04)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
Happy New Year to you and all on AppZapp!

Been sick the last week or so, no food, most doesn’t stay. Water and pop seem fine, hope this is short lived, it’s irritating although I guess the one benefit is I have lost probably 10lbs in the last week...
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(02.01.18 - 23:36)
Wow 10lbs without dieting, not bad at all !
I actually was also ill recently, only lasted a day luckily. Something I ate didn’t agree with me, threw up several times that day.
Pretty lucky weight wise, manage to stay in good shape as am able to exercise regularly.
PS. If you have time & it’s easily explainable, do you mind letting me know how save an ipa file to Mac
(04.01.18 - 00:30)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
If you sync your iPhone/iPad to the desktop and download app via itunes (on the desktop) rather then the App Store on your device it should save the ipa files automatically. On my mac they can be found by going to the following:
Dbl click on the startup drive.
Under Users then Admin then Music. In that directory is one called iTunes, open it then iTunes Media and finally Mobile Applications. It should show all apps you have downloaded through the desktop. Any app that you download through the App Store on your iPhone/iPad will not show on the desktop

You could also do a system wide search on the desktop for .ipa and it should show you where they are located
(04.01.18 - 00:39)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
Losing any weight this way sucks big time... Not that I can’t use it, just not the way I would like it. So far about the only thing that has stayed down is Mac+Cheese or not given me heartburn (acid reflux) and even at that I can only eat a little bit. The other day I tried a bowl of asian soup and that sat like a huge lump and so have not had that again. Tried a bun with turkey and I thought the bun was fine but turkey didn’t agree so yesterday I had a small bun and that was it, no margarine or anything and that wasn’t too bad but did get a touch of heartburn later on. Oh well I like Mac+Cheese so will stick with it for now. During the day I seem to do alright (warm enough) but generally once the sun goes down I have been getting the cold shakes which saps the strength right out of you so then I can hardly get up or move.
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(07.01.18 - 13:31)
Many thanks for all your help !!!
How are feeling ?
Hope you have got over stomach bug type illness !!!
appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
(07.01.18 - 18:40)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
Glad I could be of some help! Have you downloaded any of the apps from my collection or the one I recommended (BrowserPro)? And it looks like Izmini already answered and explained how to save the ipa file to your Mac (just in case).

Also, are you on iOS 11 yet? (I still haven't upgraded from iOS 10 on my iPhone 6s Plus b/c there were so many bugs, though I hear it's better now with the latest iOS 11.2 having been released).

And if so, is everything pretty smooth by now on iOS 11? Appreciate your feedback ����
appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
(07.01.18 - 18:52)
How are you feeling? Are you better now? Have you seen a doctor? Have you taken any herbs or prescriptions to help? Have they put you on antibiotics? Feel better man ��

Regarding heartburn, I've been taking Nexium or related generics for acid reflux for many years now (I was diagnosed as supposedly having a hiatal hernia several yrs ago). Of course this does not cause vomiting or anything else other than heartburn.

And happy new year to you too, Πίτερ Πέτρου, and everyone else on AppZapp ����

Hang in there Izmini ��
(09.01.18 - 18:29)
Right now have a lot of doctors.
On 7th I had gone to sleep with cold shakes and again in am. Made it to toilet but to weak to get off, long story short landed up in a lot of pain on floor and ambulance came. Rough ride to hospital and then waiting for emergency doctor, took around 2.5hrs so not too bad. Spent rest of day getting tests done and by 8 had finished the last one, ultrasound. They say I have a couple things going on, bile duct stones and sever intestinal infection. So right now doing all kinds of stuff I never expected. Felt better yesterday, woke this morning to very warm room and nausea. When Physio gal got here we went for a walk and outside of room a lot cooler so that felt a lot better. Room I am in is now cooler which helps, still talking surgery for stones and some HD drugs. No idea how long will be in...
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(10.01.18 - 09:28)
Wishing you all the best my friend !!!
I hope your medical issues can be swiftly sorted out and you can recover fully !!!
Πίτερ Πέτρου
(10.01.18 - 09:46)
Apologies for late reply...
You guys have helped me massively, very much appreciated.
Did download your latest recommended App but yet to try it out.
I’m using latest the iOS 11 - runs pretty smoothly & Apps like Fileget and Downloader Pro (Kundan Jadhav) STILL WORKING PERFECTLY
In latest iOS, there are two changes to the AppStore that I particularly hate:
Wishlist & Apps Purchased have both disappeared - typical Apple
I get round this as I still have my first, second generation iPad so can occasionally check !
appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
(11.01.18 - 01:45)
I'm really sorry to hear you've been through so much my friend! At least you & your family have an idea of what's causing you the various symptoms, so maybe you're at least halfway out of the woods so to speak. Just hang in there, get better and stay in touch with us! ������
appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
(11.01.18 - 02:14)
@Πίτερ Πέτρου:
That's cool (I again apologize with my late replies, lol). Okay, so at least you downloaded the other app (before it's withdrawn by Apple) so that's good. And thanks for the info on iOS 11. It seems that with the release of 11.2.0 that this fixed a lot of the bugs and issues and made things at least a little more stable. But yeah, that sucks as far as the wishlist and the Apps purchased disappearing; why would Apple do that? But are you sure that the Apps purchased is not called something else or in another area? Not that this would be surprising either way as Apple does things b/c they "think" they should be able to think for us as if we're little kids.

Good to hear that those 2 Apps are still working. BTW, unfortunately Kundan Jadhav's new App (named Vault) does not DL YouTube (I just downloaded it and tested it). But fortunately there are still a few apps that do DL YT still available in the App Store, although not as many as a few years ago
Allgemein (11.04.17 - 11:12)
AD version
Allgemein (19.01.17 - 05:32)
Искал другое приложение для загрузки, но оно было удалено. Нашёл это.
В принципе задачу свою выполняет. Рекламы много, но пользоваться приложением можно. Качал пока что только с ютуба. 720 разрешение ок.
Allgemein (18.12.16 - 21:26)
Реклама раздражает. Удалил.
Allgemein (25.10.16 - 17:45)
Devamlı çıkan reklamlar var !! Pro versiyon icin ödeme yapmak gerek
Allgemein (23.10.16 - 23:15)
Специально для 涂果果
Allgemein (16.08.16 - 14:46)
Target Render
Allgemein (15.08.16 - 15:23)
Currently one of the best downloader apps in the App Store. Yes, it downloads YouTube videos, and you can choose the video quality. It downloads nearly every video I've thrown at it. Some types will need a file converter with to view. The browser is the only weakness. There is no tabbed browsing, which should be mandatory on all iOS browsers at this point. Overall, a good app for 99¢. But not worth $4.99.
Allgemein (01.05.16 - 05:16)
Dieses App ist nur eine Freeware Version mit Ads! Kurzzeitige Preiserhöhung um gelistet zu werden, fallt nicht auch noch auf den nervigen Trick rein.��������
Ich weiß nicht wie es in den Appstores der anderen Länder aussieht, aber hier in Deutschland wurde das App in den letzten Tagen regelrecht mit guten fünf Sterne Bewertungen bombardiert.
Nicht nur das oft der gleiche Text kopiert wurde, selbst die Account Namen ähneln sich so sehr, dass es einem die Sprache verschlägt!
Wie kann man nur so extrem Einfallslos sein! ⁉️
Allgemein (26.04.16 - 21:35)
Great app that does what it says it will do. Downloading from YouTube works smoothly (but don't tell too many people or Apple will pull it!)
Allgemein (26.04.16 - 20:55)
YouTube Download funktioniert nach wie vor! Wird sicher mit dem nächsten Update entfernt, daher am besten jetzt GRATIS laden und danach NICHT UPDATEN. ����
Allgemein (26.04.16 - 19:30)
ممتازة والله
Allgemein (26.04.16 - 16:33)
Love ����
Allgemein (26.04.16 - 15:06)
Hurry!! No Ads & DL����YouTube����تنزيل من
وبدون إعلانات ، أسرع بتنزيله قبل ان يتم حذفه
Allgemein (26.04.16 - 15:03)
Like Valleriy7 already wrote, it does work for YouTube videos! So ignore the warning of the dev and download this. :)
appcollector (anti-pOS 11)
(27.04.16 - 00:10)
@LogiZapp and other AppZappers:
In addition to downloading from YouTube, the app also downloads from the following sites (these are the only ones I've tested):



Dailymotion and Vimeo... However the caveat (and a very large one!) with these two, at least so far for me, is only as an m3u8, and the user agent can't be changed so it can DL as an mp4 - as some of the other browsers are able to do - although it can still be opened in other apps, but so far even other apps that can DL m3u8 files (i.e. the TopSites and InAppSettingsKit template styled downloaders amongst others) and actually play them or apps that can play m3u8 streams are not able to play one downloaded from this app... not sure why this is the case.

And aside from the prompt to rate the app, which thankfully doesn't happen too often (only every 5 seconds! LOL), the app is not bad.
Allgemein (26.04.16 - 10:32)
Хорошо. С YouTube тоже качает.
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- Fixed bugs that lead to app freeze after home screen
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